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F&B sector has a shortage of manpower.
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A sneak peak into our products

QueueR© Restaurant Manager


No waiters needed. Just scan QR code on table. No app installs needed.

Beautiful e-menus with images, descriptions, prices and everything else sweet. Customizable menu theme for your specific branding elements.


Customers can self-pay on their phones!

Using ApplePay© or with card details.

Capture your customer data in the process.


They can pay later at your cash counter with your payment machine. Take cash if you like.

No processor lock-in.


- Integrated with a full fledged cloud POS system for the modern age.

Voids/Refunds/X/Z readings.. everything you'd expect from a POS.

- BYOD! Bring your own devices. No hardware lock-ins. (Hardware options available also).


iPad Menu / Self-serve Kiosk mode.

Automate the ordering flow! Convert any iPad/Android machine to a self-order screen.

Let your customers choose their items on bigger screens.


Get rid of paper based loyalty.

Self Order = Customer Data = Digital Loyalty Programs.


Admin mode let's you modify anything on the fly.

Mark items sold, Change pictures, Price updates, Add addons.

Changes reflected instantly .


A fully integrated kitchen module.

Print kitchen slips, or use a tablet and save paper.


SMS updates for customers. Ditch those bulky pagers.

Get your own customer database in the process.


A rich set of reports to show every detail of your stores functioning.

- Do you know who's buying? Which items ? When ? What brings you profit ? Know. Everything.


Menu changes ? Out of Stock ? Price Change ?

Changes are synced in seconds across all devices.

Never reprint menus.


Works on any device.

Use your own device.


The best part ?

Its free for our beta clients.

Selling online ? Connect your online delivery channels to the QueueR platform.

Your entire business, in ONE view.

No more accounting nightmares.

You set the menu, schedules and paste some neat QR codes around your store and voila! Your customers can order themselves.

Only 2 more spots remaining for our beta.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Sign Up

Setup a free account and create your own e-menu.

You can set images, descriptions, schedules and even fully customize the add-on / toppings you offer.

Generate some QR codes for your tables/counters etc.

Thats all you have to do.

Customers Order

Customers scan the QR codes, or just type a short url on their favourite browser and order right from their mobile. No App installs are needed. Works in any mobile browser.

PS: You can even use the system as an iPad/Kiosk solution

Kitchen gets order. Instantly.

Orders are real-time synced to the order dashboard.

You can move orders like a kanban board through different states

Loyalty & Marketing

QueueR lets you know exactly who your customers are, so you can personalise the offers and rewards for them.

Detailed reports and analytics on your order history and a customer database help you grow your business

Request for Demo

In person visit + Product giveaway + Free Consulting

Thanks to our beta partners for all the support!

  • I need a cloud based POS system that is cheap and gives me all the data I need and integrates with my current store systems.

  • I need an invoice management / data collection tool to keep track of my suppliers and inventory. I also want to automate my supplies ordering.

  • I want a iPad/Kiosk based e-menu.


How QueuR helps

Everything is free.

No Long queues

Long queus repell new customers from going to your store.

A clean store front appeals to everyone.

Customers can relax at the table, or even do additional impulse ordering, since they don't have to queue

45% people find queues as "very irritating"

Real Time. No delays.

Everything is real-time synced across all customers devices and your store.

Run out of stock ? Just mark the product out of stock. Change of menus? No problem, just update the dashboard. Order got placed ? Kitchen receives it instantly. Order prepared? Customer receives notifications instantly.

The right information - All the time.

Know your customer

Do you know exactly who visits your store?

Do you have a way to contact your repeat customers with promotions?

With QueueR you get know _exactly_ who your customers are. You can send them promotions and promote buy behaviours

You can help generate customer traffic on off-peak hours and better manage peak hours.

POS System

No need to buy those expensive POS hardware.

You already own a tablet/desktop/phone.

Our system includes a POS software that can work on any of them.

Less manpower dependency. Better customer service.

Your customer service highly depends on the quantity and quality of your waiting staff.

By eliminating manual order taking tasks, you can focus more on the kitchen and customer delight activities

Use the system in its Kiosk form, or just paste QR codes for some beautiful e-menus

no order mismatch

Orders can sometimes be a game of chinese whispers. The customer orders a green apple, your waiter understands apple, and your kitchen makes a banana.

By letting your customers order, you know exactly what was ordered and there are no wastage / needless quarrels. Everyone is happy.

Order Kanban boards

Your orders are neatly organised in a kanban board. Your staff can move them across the different stages and your customers are given clear information about order status automatically.

You can even display the kanban board on display screens for your customers to see the overall order status.

Use as Kiosks/Ipad

You can even setup a large screen self-ordering kiosk, and give your customers an even nicer experience!

No additional cost.

E-Store with Your Personal Branding

Includes an e-store with your own custom logo and branding, where customers can see what you have to offer.

E-Store is real time order synced ! How cool is that?

Pricing is Simple, Clean and Clear.

FREE - First 5 customers


  • BasicSoftware
  • View OnlyE-Store
  • 80Parallel connections
  • 1Physical Store
  • 1GB imagesStorage Limit
  • Use your ownHardware
  • Plugins providedReceipt Printers, PI, Cashdrawer
  • EmailCustomer Support
Get Started

Beta Plan - Next 10 customers


1 month trial


One Time - Initial Setup


($1500 with hardware)



Per month

  • FullSoftware
  • 2 Week In person - Personal Consulting
  • 2Preloaded Tablets
  • 1Receipt Printer
  • 1 KitchenStand
  • 1 TableStand
  • FullCustomer Support
  • Unlimited Consecutive Connections
  • Full E-Menu
  • Ordering capableE-Store
  • 10Physical Stores
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Post Beta

FREE 7 day trial


One Time - Initial Setup




Per month

  • FullSoftware
  • 2 DayIn person - Personal Consulting
  • 2Preloaded Tablets
  • 1Receipt Printer
  • 1 KitchenStand
  • 1 TableStand
  • FullCustomer Support
  • Unlimited Consecutive Connections
  • Full E-Menu
  • Ordering capableE-Store
  • 10Physical Stores
Get Started

Questions and Answers.

How does it begin?

We will call / arrange a meetup to discuss your problem on your premise. We will then discuss with you potential solutions and show product demos and how they help.

If you like our offering, we will give you a free instance to use on the spot and also help you with any customizations and support.

The beta pool is limited.

It doesn't get any better than this.